What is a virtual phone online

You can get a temporary phone number to receive SMS as part of a service from a telephone company. In fact, the virtual SIM card for free SMS is an ordinary multichannel phone number. The main thing that distinguishes the creation of a virtual phone number from the usual is that there is no need to be tied to a real telephone device or PBX.

Functioning of virtual cell phone number

The operation of virtual number without registration is that data are transmitted through the network. Also, a virtual number for confirmation of SMS can be used without network. It is enough to set up forwarding SMS online from virtual phone to mobile or landline. Any number of virtual phone numbers for SMS can be used, SIP profiles can be connected to the system.

Virtual SIM card work after registration can be described as follows:

  1. Receipt of an incoming call to the operator.
  2. Call forwarding to the fake number station server.
  3. Call forwarding by PBX to the necessary device. The queue depends on different factors. The call may go to the manager who will be released first, or to the one who took the least number of calls.

Pros and cons of phone numbers for receiving SMS

Virtual sim card for SMS will always remain with the company when moving to another district or city. Free phone number for SMS connects all the existing phones of the company into one. Creating a phone number online provides the distribution of load on the employees, taking into account the established scenarios.

Another virtual SIM free of charge provides employees with a connection within the company. A voice greeting, menus can be set up on the dummy number. Also a free mobile number provides listening to call recordings. Even the number to accept SMS for free allows you to check call statistics.

The main disadvantage of a temporary mobile number for registration is the need for a stable connection to the network. If the connection is broken, the connection in the firm provided by the fake number for registration will disappear. Automatic redirection of calls to cellular phones in emergency situations eliminates this risk. Also, a phone number intended for registration is not profitable for large organizations. It is more profitable for them to make their own PBX and hire an employee to maintain it.

Additional services for numbers for 10 min.

In addition to basic services, a fictitious telephone number for registration allows you to connect additional services. This provides maximum ease of communication with employees, customers.

The use of the phone for confirmation provides the following functionality:

  • recording of calls, which provides quality control of communication with customers through the phone number for SMS;
  • the inclusion of background music, which makes waiting for an answer for the caller as comfortable as possible;
  • callback widget that allows users to comfortably contact a specialist;
  • call distribution conditions allow receiving incoming calls, taking into account the working schedule, provide a rational division of calls between different company departments and employees;
  • voice mail allows the customer to leave the data, if he was not able to get through, to bring to the company certain information, to ask the required question;
  • by means of readdressing option it is possible to transfer a call from client to a cellular phone, if it is impossible to answer from the device located in the office.

Blacklist provides blocking the phones from which the “trash” calls are coming, which takes the time of the specialists, which deteriorates the statistics. The anti-spam option automatically blocks calls from phones that have ever been “flagged” by spammers.

The use of the test phone number by ordinary users

The 15-minute number is also used by ordinary people.

The left phone to register provides this functionality:

  1. SMS confirmation online for free. It is possible to create a mobile number online and receive an SMS for 5 minutes. Receiving an SMS on a virtual number for free is useful if you want to register in a social network or other online service. This feature is particularly useful for those seeking maximum privacy. Virtual SIM card allows to avoid entering personal data for making calls and sending SMS. Virtual number perfectly satisfies the desire of many users for anonymity.
  2. Calling from a disposable phone number. Trial telephone number allows to call to a subscriber who added you to the black list or simply ignored incoming calls. Also, calling from a virtual number allows you to contact a subscriber in case of lack of funds on the account of a regular SIM-card.
  3. Sending SMS from your phone in 5 minutes. Creating a virtual number for free without registration, you can send SMS without spending money. This is useful if you need to send urgent information to a subscriber, but have no money on the balance.

You can create a fake phone number for 5 minutes for texting for free. You can create a fake phone number online.

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