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We have phone numbers for 59 countries

Registration on different Internet resources supposes linking a phone number. Not every user is ready to specify it wherever it is required. It can be explained by security. No website can guarantee that information leaks will not occur, and fraudsters will not be able to use personal data. In addition, after registration, spam and unsolicited mailings may come from the sites. Verification phone number will help to protect you from such problems.

Service information

Among the advantages of sms free receiver we can also note:

  1. No need to buy a second SIM card and fill in personal data. Sms online for free come directly to the site where the user has selected a virtual number.
  2. Our service provides temp phone absolutely for free. You will not have to pay any commissions.
  3. Save time and ease of use.
  4. The ability to keep your personal number safe.

On our service you can use free online phone, which is registered in one of 5 countries: China, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Philippines. You can conduct free test verify with the help of it, regardless of which country of the world you are actually in.

The validity period of numbers for receive sms is limited. When it comes to the end, the phone number becomes inactive. There are no restrictions on the number of sms verify online free is used. Each user will be able to use them as many times as necessary. Free sms disposable numbers that we provide to users are used on such resources: TELEGRAM, Facebook, ComfortandCityCab, Uber, WePay, YouTube, Voxo, eBay and others.

Our service is the best way to receive free sms verification numbers or sms for testing sites without using your real number. Registration on our resource is not required for its use, and the database of numbers is constantly updated.